BRUCKEWLL 8ETH06 8A 600V Fast Diode Benchmarking

Fast diodes are necessary components in power PFC control applications and AC to DC transfer loop. Traditionally, designs use glass passivated discrete components, that allow a Trr (the crucial parameter for such applications) of around 35ns maximum. Several years of research have led to Schottky diodes based on a planar design, allowing a Trr reduction down to under 30ns, which is ideal for high frequency applications. Bruckewell Semi has just released the 8ETH06, an 8A/ 600V Diode with an ultra-fast 18ns Trr, it uses special design techniques to optimize commutation speed while reducing die size and cost.

The chart below compares the performance of Bruckewell device with similar components available in the market.

Typical applications are: snubbers in PFC of SMPS converters, inverters, induction cooking, DC motor control, freewheeling and polarity protection components.