Fastron News XHBHV – A leaded axial inductor designed to operate at voltage levels up to 400V




In addition to FASTRON’s standard leaded axial inductors the specialist adds a new ‘high voltage’ leaded axial inductor to the company’s product portfolio. Utilizing a special winding wire and a new coating, the choke can operate at voltage levels up to 400V and can withstand higher peak-voltage. Using a ferrite core the XHBHV choke offers inductance values from 100µH to 6800µH, ± 5% tolerance, maximum DCR from 0.22Ω to 14.16Ω, and current ratings (I1) from 0.22A to 1.76A.

The XHBHV inductors are a supplement to the standard leaded axial inductors for designs which are directly connected to the power line. Major applications for the XHBHV series are suppression of transients as well as EMC filtering in electrical motors and in switching power supplies used in home appliances, industrial, lighting, and automotive applications.

The operating temperature range, including self-heating, is from -55°C to +125°C. With a body length of 16mm and a diameter of 7.5mm the XHBHV is offered in tape & reel and taped ammopack.

As with all Fastron components, the XHBHV is suitable for lead-free soldering and is RoHS compliant.

Key specifications of the XHBHV:

L : 100µH to 6800µH
DCR : 0.22Ω to 14.16Ω
I1 : 0.22A to 1.76A
Voperating : ≤ 400V