In addition to selling and sourcing components, Delta Elettronica offers a vast range of additional services:


Delta Elettronica can make full or partial purchases, identifying the ideal suppliers, overseeing negotiations, issuing orders and contracts and dealing with stock management.

Moreover, thanks to consolidated relationships with the leading suppliers of electronic components, we are able to offer a parts search service, with immediate availability to deal with emergencies.

Component tape and reel service

Thanks to its range of long-standing partnerships, Delta Elettronica is able to offer a tape and reel service for SMD components and mechanical parts to facilitate the automation of production processes. This service – which adheres to EIA standards – is carried out within 24 hours and can always be adapted to fit client needs.


During this process, the component is inspected for its brand, data code, origin, surface quality, condition of the pins, defects, labelling, originality of the producer label and positioning of the logo as per the data sheet…

Bespoke design

Our bespoke design service has the dual aim of supporting our clients in their use of complex technology and introducing our partners’ most innovative products, reducing development time and accelerating their arrival at the production stage.

In order to reduce time to market as much as possible, our design service covers all the necessary stages:

  • Analysis and feasibility study
  • Design and drawing up of schematics
  • Design and routing of PCBs with EMC/EMI analysis by request
  • Production of prototypes
  • Debugging and delivery.

All documentation and other material products (plans, schematics etc) will be delivered at the end of the process to ensure our clients can operate independently.

Surplus stock management

Thanks to our network of potential clients in Italy and abroad, Delta is able to offer a surplus stock management service which ensures clients make the most of their surpluses.

Management of scheduled orders

Delta Elettronica can manage scheduled orders, guaranteeing delivery deadlines are hit and ensuring buffer stock is maintained as per client requests.