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Wireless-Tag è stata fondata nel 2012 con l’obiettivo di innovare il mercato dell’ Internet of things e Machine to Machine.

Wireless-Tag è il principale produttore di moduli wi-fi e soluzioni in ambito IoT-M2M per l’elettronica industriale, tra cui progettazione, sviluppo e gestione della produzione e logistica.

Come società innovatrice nel campo dell’Internet of Things, Wireless-Tag ha guadagnato un’importante reputazione presso tutti i partner globali ed ha una posizione di leadership come fornitore di soluzioni IoT: l’azienda può infatti vantare la fornitura di compagnie come SeeedStudio e CellTec e solidi rapporti di partnership con NXP, Arduino, Lemaker, Neoway, Espressif, ZTE.

La gamma di prodotti e servizi Wireless-Tag è divisa in 4 aree:

  • Progettazione e sviluppo di moduli IoT (WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa)
  • Progettazione e sviluppo di app (iOS, Android, Arduino)
  • Progettazione sistemi embedded basati su piattaforme ARM e Cortex
  • Servizi di supporto cloud















Brückewell introduces SiC product series

In the recent decades, the Silicon carbide (SiC), turned out to be an excellent semiconductor material. Composed of carbon and silicon, it has been used in power applications, in which showed excellent performance, far superior to those of silicon.

Significant progress has been made in the field of the semiconductor industry, allowing the development of more and more sophisticated technologies for silicon carbide processing, which have resulted in semiconductor devices with excellent performance.

In facts, those devices have shown a remarkable capacity to reduce losses and a high switching speed in comparison to that offered by silicon. The use of silicon carbide (SiC) as a semiconductor begins to expand into multiple applications and is increasingly becoming the most suitable candidate to replace silicon in applications such as automotive and E-Bike motor control.

For these reasons, Bruckewell Semi decided to launch the production of the SiC Products, including the SiC Schottky Diode and SiC MOSFET, support the 650V to 1200V, and give the opportunity to its customers to take advantage of the benefits of SiC high-voltage power applications.


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Raystar Product Introduction – 0.91 inch OLED REX012832F

RAYSTAR REX012832F is a popular small OLED display which is made of 128×32 pixels, diagonal size 0.91 inch, it’s very suitable for wearable device. The REX012832F has the same mechanical dimension as REX012832D but having different pin assignment and supports different interface. REX012832F module is built in with SSD1306BZ controller IC; it supports I2C interface and having 14 pins FPC pintout. As to the REX012832D module is also built in with SSD1306BZ IC but it communicates via SPI interface and having 15 pins FPC pinout. The standard emitting colors for REX012832F are available in white, sky blue and yellow.






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Fastron News XHBHV – A leaded axial inductor designed to operate at voltage levels up to 400V




In addition to FASTRON’s standard leaded axial inductors the specialist adds a new ‘high voltage’ leaded axial inductor to the company’s product portfolio. Utilizing a special winding wire and a new coating, the choke can operate at voltage levels up to 400V and can withstand higher peak-voltage. Using a ferrite core the XHBHV choke offers inductance values from 100µH to 6800µH, ± 5% tolerance, maximum DCR from 0.22Ω to 14.16Ω, and current ratings (I1) from 0.22A to 1.76A.

The XHBHV inductors are a supplement to the standard leaded axial inductors for designs which are directly connected to the power line. Major applications for the XHBHV series are suppression of transients as well as EMC filtering in electrical motors and in switching power supplies used in home appliances, industrial, lighting, and automotive applications.

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Electronic News

Help me build an electronic load & bench supply

I’m assembling a bench supply and could use some suggestions, especially for the electronic load portion and its UI, which will be open-source.


Noyce conceives planar IC, January 23, 1959

On this day in tech history, Robert Noyce documented his vision of the planar IC, a breakthrough that would be underestimated at its start.


Teardown: A19 LED bulb

EDN looks inside an LED bulb, tracing out the schematic and assessing the components of the power converter circuit.


The fundamental flaw of too many listening devices

With one voice and multiple devices all simultaneously and non-intelligently responding to it, what could go wrong? Plenty.


Vinylphile? Ha! Shellac rules!

A look at the latest in consumer entertainment technology… as of 100 years ago.


Apple intros Macs with “1984” ad, January 22, 1984

On this day in tech history, Apple premiered its “1984” commercial to a mass audience introducing Macintosh computers.


The Turbid Teardown

Just when you think you’ve seen it all – a Turbidity meter!


Teardown: Bluetooth smart dimmer

Opening up a Bluetooth-controlled dimmer switch raises some power design questions.


Regulators are tailored for Intel POL rails

IR38163/38263/38363 regulators from Infineon offer PMBus, SVID, and PVID functions for powering Intel CPU POL rails, chipsets, and FPGAs.


Versatile LED brightens auto headlights

A multichip LED with up to 5 chips, the Oslon Compact PL from Osram is suitable for a variety of vehicle classes in the automotive sector.