FASTRON is a brand name for inductors. Besides this core business, also successfully operates a large sheet metal production for precision metal enclosures and electro-mechanical assemblies. Part of the FASTRON Group is also the company Rapid Biomedical based in Germany, experts in custom made MR Coils for MRI scanners. We are very proud to serve all of our customers all over the world with the highest quality products.

FASTRON presents with the new 14HVP resp. 14HVP/T an expansion from its high voltage pin coil type inductors to higher voltages and better performance. The 14HVP series, as well as the tube version 14HVP/T, are tested for voltages of up to 600VDC. The specified maximum saturation current is 14A, the maximum ‘rated’ current is 8.4A. The choke itself consists of a ferrite core that is wound with enamelled copper wire. With a maximum diameter of 17.6mm and a height of 17.6mm, the 14HVP/T series is currently the largest ‘plugable’ choke in the FASTRON portfolio. Due to the high voltage, the distance between the leads in this series has increased to 12mm. To ensure right-angle alignment between choke and PCB, stands are used at the bottom of the choke’s core.

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